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Peptide Synthesis

High Quality Peptide is Our Commitment

Sangon Biotech employs fine-tuned synthesis protocols, stringent QA/QC procedures, and state-of-the art instrumentations to assure high-qulaity products are synthesized and delivered.

Key Features

  • Ten years of experience in Peptide Synthesis.
  • From small peptides to long peptides ( >100 amino acids)
  • From the regular peptides to all kinds of modified peptides
  • From mgs to kilograms
  • GMP standard peptides are available
  • All peptides are delivered with HPLC and Mass Spectroscopy data
  • Fast turnaround time: 6-12 working days.
  • Low price GUARANTEED (see price list below).


  • All custom peptides are supplied with strict analytical specifications, which include HPLC and MS analysis.
  • Most custom peptides can be delivered within 2-3 weeks. The delivery time may vary depending on the peptide length and nature of the sequences, as wel as modifications.
  • All information is treated with strict confidentiality. If required, we are pleased to sign a client confidentiality agreement before receiving your compound structure.

More Information

How to Order

Download Peptide Synthesis Order Form and email to: peptide@sangon.com and copy orders to order@sangon.com

Rush Service

Do you need to RUSH order a peptide? Sangon Biotech offers RUSH services at your needs. Peptides are ready in less than 5 days!!! Please inquire price and details of this service.