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NGS Sequencing

Next Generation Sequencing Introduction


Sangon Biotech will send NGS data (raw data and analysis report) to customers by optical disk /Mobile hard disk/FTP. All results will be kept in Sangon Biotech’s data base for 6 months. During this period, customer may request sequencing results. After 6 months, DNA sequencing results are automatically destroyed without further notification. Only when Sangon Biotech received corresponding payment we will send data step by step to customers according to the terms of the contract.


Sangon Biotech will make its best effort to send NGS results data within 50 workdays. For larger projects like huge genome sequencing, time will be varied depending on the amount of work needed. If the NGS project encounter unpredictable technical obstacle, Sangon Biotech shall communicate with customers timely and the communication time is not included in the 50 workdays .


If customers need to cancel or terminate the contract, we should inform the experiment schedule and then may terminate the project after consultation. Customers should pay the costs used in research and development in accordance with the finished work of the project.

Experiment schedule :

  • 1.If Sangon Biotech has finished sample testing, test fee should be paid and Sangon Biotech will send testing data to customers;
  • 2.If Sangon Biotech finished sequencing library work and customers need to terminate the contract, test fee and sequencing libraries cost should be paid. Sangon Biotech will send testing data and sequencing libraries to customers;
  • If Sangon Biotech has completed sequencing work, customers need termination of the contract, Sangon Biotech need to be paid all cost in accordance with the provisions of the contract , and Sangon Biotech will send testing data, rawdata and analysis results to customers;


Sangon Biotech guarantees 80% paired–end data quality> Q20 (Illumina Hiseq2000 platform). Sangon Biotech does not guarantee any downstream applications or usage of the DNA sequencing results. Any claims or dispute must be submitted within 3 months after analysis report shipment. After shipment, Sangon Biotech keeps the data base for 6 months for unexpected incidents and/or disputes. Sangon Biotech reserves the right to refuse handling disputes after 3 months of shipment.


Sangon Biotech unit prices for NGS project includes the DNA&RNA extraction /sequencing library prepare/high throughput DNA sequencing and data analysis. Customers has the obligation to keep the service price of the contract as secret, if customers divulge our service price to other persons/companies and caused Sangon Biotech market income loss, we have the right to claim against the corresponding loss from customers.