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Terms and Conditions

1. Description of Services and Fees

Sangon Biotech agrees to provide the customer detailed materials, application guarantees, technical design information, antibody production schedules and project deliverables as specified in the Sales Order. The customer agrees to pay Sangon Biotech fees for the services provided according to the service packages and any additional services that may be required.

2. Materials and Information

The customer will provide Sangon Biotech with sufficient amounts of materials such as antigens, samples, or other substances required to complete the project as outlined in the Sales Order. Additionally, the customer will provide comprehensive data or relevant information as requested by Sangon Biotech to aid in completion of the project. Unless otherwise requested by the customer, upon completion of the custom antibody project any material materials that were provided by the customer will be destroyed.

3. Deliverables and Payment

Sangon Biotech will ship the agreed-upon quantity of deliverables as defined in the Sales Order to the customer. All deliverables are internally quality controlled to meet the standards as defined in the Sales Order. Final purified antibody will be shipped as a lyophilized powder. Along with the previously-agreed upon deliverables, Sangon Biotech will provide related quality documentation as outlined in the Sales Order. All documentation will be sent in hard copy with the final product and electronically via email.

No custom antibody service project is initiated without a purchase order or credit card number. Sangon Biotech accepts purchase order, credit card (Visa or MasterCard), cheque or wire as payment methods. Credit card payments are subject to a 2.5% processing fee. Payment term is net 30 days. Unless stated otherwise in the Sales Order, a 50%, non-refundable, start up fee is required upon project initiation.

Unless stated otherwise in the Sales Order, if the contracted products are not delivered or are found to not meet the standards set forth in the Sales Order, Sangon Biotech will refund the customer in full.

4. Timeline

Prior to the initiation of the custom antibody project, Sangon Biotech will provide the customer with an estimate of project milestone dates in the Sales Order. Sangon Biotech will make its best effort to ship the customer deliverables according to such schedule outlined in the Sales Order. However, the schedule as specified in the Sales Order is an estimate and the actual time may vary depending on the project. If an unexpected complication interrupts the service, Sangon Biotech will report such setbacks to the customer within 5 business days

5. Functionality of Purified Antibody

Sangon Biotech guarantees that their custom-generated monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies will test ELISA-positive for the target peptide antigen. Based on the custom antibody service package chosen by the customer, Sangon Biotech will also provide an application-specific guarantee for their custom antibodies, as laid out in the Sales Order.

6. Cancellations

For any custom antibody project, the customer may cancel the order without any penalty after reaching an agreement with Sangon Biotech if Sangon Biotech has received the order but has not initiated the project. If Sangon Biotech has initiated but has not completed the project, a cancellation fee will apply. The cancellation fee will be assessed on a case-by-case basis. If Sangon Biotech has completed the project, the customer may cancel the order, however, the full amount must be paid to Bio Basic Inc.

7. Inspection Policy

Upon receipt of shipped goods, customer shall inspect the shipment promptly for damages, shortages and correct identity of the product. Any product that is not identical to the deliverables as outlined during that stage of the Sales Order will be replaced or authorized for return and credit, at our option. Any claims must be submitted within 3 months of shipment.

8. Warranty

Sangon Biotech guarantees each custom antibody service as outlined in the Sales Order. Any claims must be submitted within 3 months of shipment. Sangon Biotech reserves the right to refuse handling disputes after a period of 3 months.

9. Patents

Sangon Biotech serves as a service provider and offers generation of custom antibodies against antigens provided by the customer (as either a DNA sequence, peptide or protein). It is the sole responsibility of customer to verify whether his respective work is the result of any infringements of any patents. Sangon Biotech expressly disclaims any liability in this regard.

10. Usage

Sangon Biotech products are used exclusively for scientific research purposes only. Materials will not be used for human or animal consumption.

11. Confidentiality

Sangon Biotech and the customer agree that all confidential information including but not limited to project scope, contract terms, pricing information, product development technologies and processes, and business-related information shall not be disclosed to any third party and both parties receiving confidential shall only make internal use of the confidential information.