We produce enough stock for both SARS-CoV-2 related plasmids, primers and probes, in order to help diagnostic and research industry to find out COVID-19 precisely and quickly. Related Promotion Is on the Way! Flyer Information
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When dealing with proteins there can be complex requirements to conduct the experiment and Sangon has the products you need. Whether it��s an inhibitor cocktail, to a protein solubilizer, to western blot staining, we here at Sangon have your necessary items.

All of are products we send are made assure they are of the highest purity and will execute and deliver in performance in your laboratory. Sangon takes great honor in providing you with products and we do strict quality control protocols on all of our products before they leave our facility.

Sometimes proteins and items are temperature sensitive and require to be kept in optimal cold conditions. We take care of that worry and concern by implementing our ice cold bio basic pack for you in the shipment. We work immediately on your order and keep you up to date with any issues you may have.

From resins, to kits, to staining and blotting, we have the protein repertoire for you to be successful in your laboratory, research, educational setting, to institutes.

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