We produce enough stock for both SARS-CoV-2 related plasmids, primers and probes, in order to help diagnostic and research industry to find out COVID-19 precisely and quickly. Related Promotion Is on the Way! Flyer Information
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Sangon has been serving customers a great variety of culture medium including agars, animal/plant peptones, yeast extract for the growth of microorganisms in many diverse applications such as microbiology and fermentation. Sangon also provides high quality and extended series of Broth from LB, TY, SOC, HYLB, A Medium, H Medium to NZYM Broth and much more����

Sangon draws on its strong technical and manufacturing expertise to supply consistently high quality raw materials to the world.

Our mediums we use have the highest nutrient and purity for maximal results. We have over 100 mediums to choose from. All mediums are stored at the correct storage conditions and also are pure in their form.

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