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This promotion is for oligo synthesis and gene synthesis:

Single oligo order beyond $1000 can get free shipping;
Gene order with more than 5000 bp can get free shipping.

Price Details:

Oligo Orders:

Purification Method Available Lengths Yield Price/Base ($)
HAP 11~59 bases 1 nmoles $0.08
HAP 11~59 bases 5 nmoles $0.09
HAP 11~59 bases 15 nmoles $0.11
HAP 11~59 bases 25 nmoles $0.18

Gene Orders:

Total bp ≤ 500 bp 501 bp~5000 bp 5001 bp~10 kb 5001 bp~10 kb
Price $70 $0.15/bp $0.14/bp (free shipping) $0.12/bp (free shipping)

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Introduction of Our Patent—HAP Purification (Upgrade Desalted)

HAP (High Affinity Purification) method is a novel method for purification of oligo developed by Bio Basic Inc. DMT-ON-Oligos existing in crude oligos mixture is selectively absorbed on the HAP resin cartridge while the truncated or uncompleted oligos pass through cartridge and the desired oligo is produced by removing the protecting group of DMT under mild acid conditions.


  1. All DNA oligos are 100% quality control (QC) checked by ESI-mass spectrometry methods, which helps to avoid base mutation.
  2. HAP methods is well-suited to purify unmodified sequences up to 60 bases in length and purity is >80% by capillary electrophoresis (CE).
  3. In term of purity, HAP is better than De-Salted. Every HAP Oligo you receive will be deprotected and desalted to remove small molecule impurities.
  4. Shipment of your customized oligos can be the next business day after placing your order.
  5. Oligos purified by HAP can be used for many downstream experiments such as PCR, DNA sequencing, gene synthesis, site-specific mutagenesis and gene chips.

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